BryanBoy: мой блог начался с России
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BryanBoy: мой блог начался с России

Один из символов fashion-блоггинга Bryan Boy, заглянувший в Санкт-Петербург по случаю AFW, пообедал с Юлей Тупота. Скоро мы опубликуем крайне увлекательную стенограмму этой беседы, а пока предлагаем фрагменты черновых записей: Do you think that Russians take themselves too seriously? 

... How come you came up with a blog idea, what inspired you and what is your inspiration now?
BB: For me, when I first started blogging... I started blogging in October 2004, six years ago. I came to Russia for a holiday, I spent 3 weeks in Moscow and 1 week in St. Petersburg. And that time I thought that it will be a great idea to make a personal website for my family and friends to read all of my stories, things I do everyday. So Russia inspired you to do this?
BB: Yeah, definitely, I didn't know anybody, I didn't know any Russian and to go to a place... it was like a diary... Why do you think your blog is so successful right now?
BB: Well number one is that I don't take myself too seriously... Some blogs are just pictures of people and some blogs try to be news to people, they report all fashion news. And my blog is only entertainment, and everyday I just want to make my readers smile, have an emotion, maybe get angry at me, or maybe feel happy. It's nothing too serious, it's just entertainment.

Be-in: Do you think that Russians take themselves too seriously?
BB: From what I have seen, I think they do....they do. The Russians are very intellectual, the way they interract, there is always something philosophical about it. So I think Russians are very intelligent people. At the same time they also really fun...


Be-in: Did you like the crowds at the AFW shows?
BB: Of course.. They are very young, they are obsessed about fashion and you know, it's «Russian style». For example I met this woman, who is probably in her 50-s and she had everything done (plastic surgery)… I love her… You know I tried to make a photo of her and she said «Take a photo of my watch and my bag». I love it, because it is very different from what I am used to. In the Phillipines its not the same, not like that… but for me, that was a highlight. She’s really made me smile.
BB: I like pelmeni, i like korushka and also that fish...little fish...which you put on bread...
Be-in:  Shproty?
BB: Yeah, it's really tasty! It's greasy, but you eat only one or two...
The full version coming soon...

Полная русскоязычная версия интервью появится в нашем журнале со дня на день. Много интересного о моде и русской моде в частности, о людях и о Марке Джейкобсе в частности, о России и о ценах на очки Balenciaga в московских и европейских магазинах в частности.

Bryan Boy в Санкт-Петербурге 2010. Bryan Boy в России.

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